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1.Auto Key Programmer/Copying Machine/Odometer Correction
1).Remote and Car Chip Adapter
2).Transponder Chip Code Reader
3).Code Pro and Odometer -PRO
4).Transponder Chip Programmer
5).Assistant Tools for Chips
6).Motorcycle Transponder Key Programmer
7).Remote Generating Instrument
8).Pin Code Calculator
2.Auto&Motorcycle key shell/Remote/Chip Key/Immobiliser
1).Car Remote keys, Transponder Keys and Key Shell,Rubber
2).Various of remote control button
3).Automobile Anti-Theft Box/Remote Control Receiver
4).Motorcycle Key Shells
5).Motorcycle Transponder keys
6).Motocycle Magnetic keys
7).High-grade Motorcycle Keys
3.Automotive & Motorcycle Chip/IC
1).Auto,motorcycle chip,IC
4.Automotive& Motorcycle RF Remote Control/Copying Machine
1).Remote Copy Machines and Frequency Checker
2).Various of Remote Controls
3).Press to Press Remote Controls
4).Press to study Remote Controls
5).Remote Controls for KD300/KD900/URG200
5.IC&ID Card/Induction Card Copy Machine
6.Automotive Lock Wafer/Lock Spring
7.Locksmith Tools
1).Locksmith Tools
2).Automotive Lockout Tools
3).Automotive Pick Tools
4).Ford/Jaguar Decoders/Pick tools
5).Automotive/Motorcycle Decoders/Pick Tools
6).Safe Box Tools
8.Key Cutting Machines & Consumables/Modeling Keys
1).Chinese and foreign key cutting machines
2).Cutters,Probes,Belts,Lettering pen,Tray
3).Various of auto key's modeling & clamp
4).Car data line keys
9.Automotive Locks/Training Locks/Financial Locks
1).Domestic Locks
2).Car Locks and Anti-theft locks
3).ATM Locks and Safe Box Locks
10.Books & Softwares
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Steel Folding Lock pick for SAAB (2) Car Locks
No.: 073001-19   price: $ 8.34
Steel Folding Lock pick for SAAB (2) Car Locks. It's convenient for using, easy-taking and with exactly setting technic.
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Benz 4 Track - HU39
No.: 073001-18   price: $ 8.34
Steel Folding Lock pick for Benz 4 Track (HU39) Car Locks. It's convenient for using, easy-taking and with exactly setting technic.
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Honda,Acura,Idea,Trumpche car lock blind open picks(HON66)
No.: 073001-17   price: $ 8.34
Accurate location technology open Honda,Acura,Idea,Trumpche car is more convenient and quickly;
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No.: 073001-10   price: $ 8.34
Steel Folding Lock pick for SAAB. It's convenient for using, easy-taking and with exactly setting technic.
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Peugeot 307,508 lock flip positioning blind drive device(HU83)
No.: 073001-9   price: $ 8.34
Use this tool can locate accurate technical open old peugeot 307,new 508 car lock;
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Korea Hyundai(Hyundai)flip blind touch car pick
No.: 073001-2   price: $ 8.34
Steel Folding Lock pick for Hyundai (Korea) Car Locks. It's convenient for using, easy-taking and with exactly setting technic.
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Benz T5 Transponder Key
No.: 021229   price: $ 2.92
For Mercedes Benz Vito - Mini van;
Truck chip key;
With T5 Transponder chip.
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Buick Resistance key blank
No.: 021209   price: $ 5.00
There are 14 Buick keys in a group.
If you only choose one piece, they can be divided into the following types: 0.53KΩ  0.68KΩ  0.89KΩ  1.13KΩ  1.47KΩ  1.87KΩ  2.37KΩ  2.93KΩ  3.01KΩ  3.74KΩ  4.75KΩ  6.04KΩ  7.5KΩ  9.53KΩ  11.81KΩ .
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7 Pin Advanced Tubular Pick(7.8mm)
No.: 071032-2   price: $ 15.83
Materials and technic are advantage , and opening  the lock is quick.
This product can be used to make  the lock by setting the position.
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JMA ID46 clone chip(TPX4)
No.: 031044   price: $ 13.00
It can copy all kinds of car,motorcycle ID46 chip,new original product;
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Honda Crosstour car 2 button smart remote key(2011 year)
No.: 029704   price: $ 110.00
Original new product,Remote Frequency is:433.92MHZ
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4D,4C copy transponder chip(universal type, can repeatedly use)
No.: 031057   price: $ 5.00
*Rapidly copy Auto/Motorcycle 4D(without G)chip and all 4C chip,
*Can copy many times, accept reservation.
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Tinfoil Swinging open tools Terminator for Yueya and AB Kaba lock(2015 version)
No.: 071148   price: $ 65.00
2015 version set(15 pcs). More convenient and technical open rapidly:Crescent model Buyang, AFA, Shuangjiu, Murray, Euramerican Lun, Wanjia, Caledi double ball, Hao, shield, Jiawei, BAODEAN, tiger, single row of beads, with new and Old Bailey, BuYang,  Euramerican double ball AB kappa lock
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ID48(T6)transponder chip(Sub)
No.: 031058   price: $ 1.10
It fits for all VW/Audi/Hyundai car and this ID48 chip can change ID serial number.
You can match the chip through VVDI and so on, do not need password and do not need to match it online.
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Range Rover Evoque car door lock(2008 year)
No.: 092047   price: $ 30.83
It can replace the original door lock,new product
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Big Air Bag(Thicken imported fabric)
No.: 072091   price: $ 11.67
The thicken fabric made of imported high strength material and tough, never leak. A built-in special soft board, works convenient, inflate and deflated fast, can be used in open the car door;
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VW Touareg car 4 button smart remote key shell
No.: 029954   price: $ 17.69
It can be install with new original VW Touareg car 4 button smart remote;
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Maserati car 3 button remote key shell
No.: 0210011   price: $ 12.00
It can be install with original Maserati car 3 button remote control,original size;
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High quality vertical milling key cutting machine(110V-220V)
No.: 081048   price: $ 571.50
Professional copy plane slot car/civil keys and plane round civil keys,probe and cutter with electronical calibration,110V-220V
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330MHZ 2 button press to press remote(fixed frequency)
No.: 043032   price: $ 3.67
frequency: 330MHZ, Press to Press Copy Remote Control,can do it easily without Copier.
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